Fold-out cable duct

The smart table accessory.

Tidiness at the workplace made easy. The horizontally fold-out cable duct is available for the M and S table systems and can be attached without tools. It offers space for two 3-socket units.

The table accessories ensure your comfort:

  • Large-volume cable duct folds out for M and S table systems.
  • Available in black, white and silver.
  • All accessories can be attached without tools. The cable duct is attached to the M-desk tables via the top support. Retrofitting is possible at any time. On the system desks, the holders are attached to the desk top with sleeves and metric screws. In production, the sleeves are built into the table to order.
  • Equipment: With strain relief on both sides (max. 6 cables with 0.065 cm Ø).
  • Bracket for vertical cable routing.
  • The cable outlet is attached to the cable duct via a magnet without the use of tools.
  • Holder for two 3-socket units.


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