The company group.

The company Bosse Design, which is located in Höxter/Stahle was founded by Günter Bosse in 1962. In the 60/70s Bosse produced high quality wall unit systems, which are still used by our customers (after more than 50 years).
In the 90s Bosse made a name for oneself as pioneer in room in room solutions of open space offices. The product “human space” has been successfully sold for more than 20 years and was considered to be the leading product in this market segment. ,Since 1992 Bosse is part of the global Dauphin group.

Since 2002 Bosse is producing the “modul space” system in Höxter. After the market introduction it was possible for Bosse to steadily increase its sells. As an answer to a trendsetting and modern work in an open space office Bosse introduced the “human space Cube”, that develops positively since 2012.

With the different business Units

1.  modul space
2.  human space

Bosse is well prepared for the future.



Philosophy. We are producing furniture for generations! 

We make values tangible and allow you to experience our philosophy. Bosse is synonymous with a customer-oriented business culture.

  • We value our customers and regard them as the most important person in our company.
  • We are result oriented and focused on the essentials.
  • We are committed to ensure the highest possible quality standards in our products, our services and in everything we do.
  • We take responsibility for our actions.
  • We are flexible and willing to work in the interest of our company.
  • We have respect and give confidence.
  • We are honest and kind to persons involved in the business.
  • We produce sustainable products and respect the existing law and standards.


From corners and edges to a well-rounded solution.

All of our designs start with a blank sheet of paper or an empty virtual room in our computer aided space planning program. A great many coordinated steps are required in order to ensure that we come up with the best possible solution. From producing the basic evaluation and preliminary planning, to coming up with an implementation concept and actually carrying out the project, the planning services provided by our team of architects are transparent for you at all times and are professionally coordinated.


We are only happy to pass on our expertise.

Anyone who is as heavily involved with offices as we are can use their knowledge and experience to produce real value-added solutions. We offer you information on general developments and trends in the world of offices long before the project begins. We subsequently analyse your internal organisational structures and development trends. We use the results of this analysis as a basis for coming up with an individual office design which is not only future-proofed but which also increases efficiency.


Because tomorrow is just as important as today.

Have you opted for furniture from Bosse? Congratulations! Our products are perfect for everyday life in the office of tomorrow. After all, Bosse solutions can be modified and expanded at any time. We are able to offer a wide range of services from a single source. Would you like to restructure your rooms? Do you need to adapt your workstations or create new ones? Do you need to do all of this straight away? We would be delighted to visit you in order to discuss all the details. This ensures that you receive a concrete quotation quickly and that you are fully operational again in as short a time as possible.



Knowledge and skills make all the difference.

The same 100% quality strategy which we apply to our products also applies to our services. Our specially trained installation teams ensure that the systems are fitted quickly and easily on your premises. Whatever you have ordered, be it a cupboard, desk, storage unit, dividing wall or room divider, everything is carried out as planned. If required, we would be delighted to show your own technicians how to maintain and care for our products as well.


Germany. A business location with a future thanks to quality.

Bosse manufactures its products in Höxter in the heart of Germany. Whether you are looking for office furniture or dividing walls, we make no compromises when it comes to quality.

The high quality of our products demonstrates the attention to detail which is so typical for our company. It is one of the most important factors in our success. We would be delighted to offer you an insight into our production facilities.

It is here that we produce our designer furniture and high-tech meets hand-made. Each of our members of staff and every individual step in the production or logistics chain is part of a clearly defined quality-management process for Bosse products made in Germany.



We live in an era where it is important to use natural resources responsibly. 

Whether in an office, at home or in a factory which produces goods, the environment counts! Bosse manufactures only high-quality furnishings which have a high utility value and are designed to last. 

This benefits people and the environment, our children and our children's children, and the present and the future.